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Dunhill and O’Brien: Modern Object

16 November - 10 December 2023

A collaboration is commonly thought of as a situation where two or more people work together to create or achieve the same thing. It is also possible to work towards a common goal without knowing fully what the end product will be, allowing a new purpose to evolve as the work develops.  It seems that Dunhill and O’Brien have given equal power to their work so that they can collaborate together as a threesome. It is inevitable then that the burden, humour, awkwardness and possibility of partnering and co-operating is referenced in the work. 


This place known as postROOM also has a voice which they have amplified. Is this a gallery or a domestic space for art in a contemporary style which falls somewhere between the two. 

Dunhill and O’Brien have responded to the context, starting the process by mimicking or working in opposition to certain elements, measurements and colour. Some of the surfaces have been upholstered in the same blue coloured canvas. Is this their attempt to make paintings?


Inevitably some migration and infiltration has taken place. Other material objects with different properties also inhabit the space including a small 19th Century Chinese painting, a stack of decorative plates and several ornaments.

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