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postROOM is a contemporary art gallery run by Sandie Macrae in a house in Islington, London.

It is an initiative that adds to the portfolio after 20 years operating as:




ROOM London



Altogether we have shown over 400 artists in 13 venues since 2003




How is art integrated into its space or context? How does it make new relationships, dynamics and tensions? How does it affect our emotional and intellectual responses to the work?

Can art, life, work and domesticity exist under one roof? Obviously yes.....

Roaming Room and postROOM both have evolved specifically in opposition to the white cube.

The white cube’s dominance, which was once revolutionary, has come to feel more static as time moves on. It can be off-putting to modern audiences elevating art above its earthly origins and alienating uninitiated visitors. ​

The history of the white cube and modern and contemporary art are more or less inseparable.

As we’ve moved into the 21st century, there has been still no really viable alternative for displaying art except in a gallery. As the 80 years since MoMA’s first revolutionary show makes clear after the culmination of a long stretch of experimentation and debate by museum directors and curators spanning continents and centuries,  it’s no easy feat to think outside the cube apart from recently the use of empty and derelict buildings with the same atmosphere of grandeur. Here at postROOM we use white for our walls and sometimes other colours, but it is a positive decision to have other domestic objects in the same room and for the architecture of the place to have a strong presence for the work to chime with.  Things have changed - there are all sorts of new kinds of work and the methods for showing are changing too. Not only that, but the status of the home has changed and become a live/work space.

postROOM is a space for social and thoughtful interaction. We also sell work.​

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