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Fran Cottell: BARKING

12 - 19 July 2023

Fran Cottell, a renowned experimental artist, currently showing at The Hepworth, Wakefield in the exhibition ‘If Not Now, When? Generations of Women in Sculpture in Britain, 1960 – 2022…’ is putting trees through the house! 

postROOM Gallery is in a house in Islington and artist FRAN COTTELL is going to have trees sandwiched between the floor and ceiling of postROOM’s domestic/gallery space growing up from under the floor and through the ceiling. Visitors will experience ‘The trees’ inside the house, growing up around people and furniture and the tree tops will be seen from the garden coming up through the balcony roofs of the 1st floor and the flat roof of the 2nd floor. This will be an extraordinary spectacle not to be missed!

Trees have taken over the house:  breaking through floors, walls and ceilings; everywhere is affected. An end of an era; the trees have returned, nature will be restored. Enough is enough: too much: (still) waiting/talking – it’s the revenge of the trees. Positive as well as negative: creating disorder, upsetting viewpoints and questioning positions, but echoing life/energy, the trees are back; with humour, madness and a sense of the ridiculous. The rights of trees will be asserted. The division of inside and outside space has been broken down.  PostROOM, is an ordered and harmonious space. We are introducing a sense of risk and visualising environmental passions….

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