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Eilis Kirby

19 June - 13 July

Uninvited guests


The artist known as Éilis Kirby is a conglomeration of elements, not all invited, constituting EAK enterprises and travelling through the world/life as a seemingly singular entity. For this exhibition, which is in this domestic space, PostROOM has given Eilis a rare opportunity to do “something funny, wrong and unusual”.

In order to comply with this remit, she has occupied, and inhabited this space finding niches within which to fit and to accommodate. In so doing, she has revealed other things that already are existing alongside, beneath, unseen, in the margins, and on the edges. Employing spontaneity, improvisation and responsiveness to the location, her intention has been to surprise, unsettle, and disrupt; and to provide temporary refuge and shelter for a host of oddities. She has found ways, and things, with which to infiltrate and populate postROOM, alongside its usual occupants, with texts, images, objects, and film. The outcome has been an intuitive, playful, provocative and spontaneous collaboration with things designed to pose questions and suggest possibilities.

For postROOM this has been the ultimate experiment in showing work that could not be shown in a 'white cube space,' as we are living amongst the infiltrated oddities. Its hard to tell which things are imported and which things are permanent.

Final Performance: illustrated presentation Saturday 13th July 4pm

Gallery open all afternoon from 2pm

All welcome

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